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  • How are the lights powered?
    The lights are powered using AA batteries. We use, for display purposes, display batteries which do last a long time as the LED lights, although bright, do not use a lot of power.
  • Will the Orble smash?
    NO!!! Our products are made using shatterproof plastic so you should be ok
  • Can they be taken off the stands?
    Yes they can although they are created to be on the stands for display purposes
  • Could they be used as a Night Light?
    Yes they can and actually they are brilliant as night lights as they are battery powered so not using electricity and bright enough for comfort should it be needed.
  • Can they be used all year round?
    Of course they can! We do Xmas orbles and non Xmas ones but if you're as serious about Xmas as we are then you will enjoy them all year round!!
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