Why 7Lemons?

This is one of my favourite questions! Why? Because it means the name of my business had the exact effect I wanted. To engage people! It's simple really: 7 is my favourite number and Lemons? Because they just have so many uses! So many things can be made into so many different things. And if life gives you lemons...make something AWESOME!

For as long as I can remember I have been a crafter! When I was tiny my mum used to make anything and everything, with an egg carton, with us! We painted and glued all day. I used to made Walkmans out of nerd packets! ( I understand I am totally showing my age here!) I could of lots alot of people on 2 words alone! Art attack was my daily viewing. I started making cards at about 13 to make a bit of pocket money and quickly progressed to soaps and candle making, mainly because I like to know how to do things, how things work. (This I owe to my dad along with my stubburn-ness) I got a sewing machine at about 17 because I am that cool! And tried my hand at teddy bears and cushions. When I got married, I found a massive love for scrapbooking- to display any photos, not bound to an album, to show off! And my obsession with paper began!

I have made everything from tutus to tiaras. I will give anything a go and have also fit in Art college and 4 children somewhere in the mix. Making things is part of who I am and I hope my business reflects that. So that is me... in a crocheted, glitter bombed nutshell.